A Taste of Authenticity in every drop.

Atsikoti embodies the rich tradition of olive oil production in Lemnos, Greece, born from a passionate father-son endeavor.
We offer authentic, high-quality olive oil, hand-harvested and carefully processed to ensure a unique, enriching flavor experience for food enthusiasts worldwide.
Atsikoti is an authentic olive oil brand from the village of Atsiki, located on the picturesque island of Lemnos, Greece.
The olives used in this oil are carefully selected from the local groves and are cold-pressed to preserve their unique flavor and quality. This olive oil is made using traditional methods, and it has a rich, flavor with a peppery finish, making it perfect for use in salads, dressings, and as a finishing oil for grilled meats and vegetables
Atsikoti, a father and son passion project, is a brand that takes pride in its local heritage, and it is committed to producing an authentic and high-quality product that showcases the unique taste of Atsiki’s olives.
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In a market that’s crowded with generic brands, our olive oil’s unique backstory, authentic origin, traditional production methods, and commitment to transparency and community impact set us apart.